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Agriculture Clients

38k (£)

Claim Value

290m (£)

Tax Relief Paid
to Sector in 2022

Image of Combine Harvester in Agricultural Field - Tax Services for Agricultural and Farming Businesses

Tax Services

Funding Types

Land Tax Remediation Relief
Research & Development Tax Credits
Stamp Duty Land Tax

Average Payout Time

6 - 12 Weeks

Eligible Activities

  • Removing or reducing the risk of harm to human health or the environment from contaminated land

  • Making land suitable for agricultural use again

  • Restoring land to its original condition

  • Feed experimentation: formulation of novel feeds, feed type variation, feed timing assessment, ration timing evaluation

  • Enhancing animal well-being: mitigating mortality rates

  • Optimisation of irrigation systems and water treatment

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and if you are unsure whether your activities qualify, please feel free to contact us to find out more.

Key Contacts

Shadique Gani RDI Solutions

Shadique Gani


Charlie East RDI Solutions

Charlie East

Senior Tax Incentive Consultant

Image of Combine Harvester in Agricultural Field - Tax Services for Agricultural and Farming Businesses

How Tax Refunds Can Benefit the Agricultural Sector

Agriculture is a vital sector of the economy, providing food security, employment opportunities, and raw materials for various industries. However, it is also a high-cost business, with farmers facing significant expenses such as purchasing seeds, fertilisers, equipment, and machinery.

Tax refunds can provide farmers with much-needed financial assistance, helping to reduce costs and increase profits. In addition, tax refunds can be used to invest in research and development, infrastructure, and sustainable practices.

Here are some of the ways that tax refunds can benefit farmers:

Cost Reduction
Tax refunds can help farmers to reduce their overall costs by offsetting some of the expenses associated with running a farm. This can free up money that can be reinvested in the business or used to improve the farmer's quality of life.

Research and Development
The agricultural sector constantly faces challenges related to pests, diseases, climate change, and market demands. Tax refunds can support research and development initiatives aimed at finding innovative solutions to these challenges. This can result in the development of new farming techniques, crop varieties, and livestock breeds that enhance productivity and sustainability.

Infrastructure Development
Agriculture relies on proper infrastructure, such as irrigation systems, storage facilities, and transportation networks, to ensure the efficient movement of goods from farm to market. Tax refunds can contribute to the development and maintenance of such infrastructure, improving the overall efficiency of the agricultural supply chain.

Sustainable Practices
Governments often provide tax incentives to encourage farmers to adopt sustainable agricultural practices. These practices aim to minimise environmental impact, conserve natural resources, and promote biodiversity. By claiming tax refunds, farmers can invest in eco-friendly technologies, implement conservation measures, and comply with environmental regulations.

Risk Mitigation
Agriculture is exposed to various risks, including weather-related events, market volatility, and price fluctuations. Tax refunds can act as a financial buffer, helping farmers cope with unexpected losses or navigate challenging market conditions. It provides them with the flexibility to manage risks and ensure the long-term viability of their operations.

Overall, successfully claiming tax refunds in the agriculture sector can enhance profitability, stimulate investment, promote innovation, and support sustainable practices. These benefits contribute to the growth and resilience of the agricultural industry, ensuring a reliable and sustainable food supply for the population while supporting rural economies.

Image of Research and Development within Agriculture
Tax Credits for Dairy Farmers
Tax Credits for Farmers

Our Tax Services for the Agricultural Sector

Our in-house expert Land Remediation and Research & Development tax consultants can help you to identify which government tax schemes you are eligible for and to make the most of what's available.

Tax relief for agricultural businesses

A government tax incentive that can be claimed by any business that has to clean up contaminated land in the UK.

Tax relief for agricultural businesses

A government tax incentive that can be claimed by any business that invests in Research and Development.

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