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UK Businesses


R&D Consultation

We still start with a review of your current claim status and methodology. Our experienced team of technical, tax and accounting experts will deliver a virtual workshop on the key areas of the opportunity and latest topical areas to keep you and your team informed and up to date.


Agree claim methodology

We will work with your team to agree a robust and efficient claim methodology which can be applied to maximise the claim value within HMRC parameters.


Technical interviews

and narratives

We will identify and contact the right people in your business, aiming to minimise your team’s time involvement, whilst acquiring the right information to support a successful claim. We can do that through our R&D tax platform which shifts the claim to being more interactive and in real time.



Working collaboratively with your financial team, we will collate the qualifying expenditure and prepare detailed calculations in accordance with HMRC’s latest approach and tax law.



Production of a HMRC briefing report for your review and approval that will support your claim, prior to submission to HMRC.

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