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We help UK businesses with award-winning specialist tax advice.

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Claimed back for UK businesses

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We are dedicated to your success. We understand that every client is unique, with specific needs and goals. That's why our team of professionals works closely with you to ensure that our solutions are tailored to your individual circumstances.

Whether you're a small or medium-sized enterprise or a large bluechip organisation, we recognise the importance of your business and the impact tax relief can have on your bottom line. Our team combines their deep knowledge of tax incentives with a comprehensive understanding of various industries and sectors. This allows us to provide you with specialised and award-winning advice and support that aligns with your specific business requirements.

We take the time to listen and understand your challenges and aspirations. By gaining insights into your operations, objectives, and future plans, we can develop a customised approach that maximises your tax relief potential. Our team's expertise extends beyond technical knowledge; we also keep a close eye on industry trends, regulatory updates, and emerging opportunities. This enables us to proactively identify new avenues for tax relief that can benefit your business.


What we do

What we do

Our strategy is to deliver client-led growth through our four core services:

Research & Development
Tax Credits

R&D Tax Credits are a UK government tax incentive scheme, which aims to recognise and incentivise UK limited companies that invest in innovation within their business. These credits serve as a valuable source of cash injection or tax write-off, ultimately empowering businesses to accelerate their R&D initiatives, expand their workforce, and drive sustainable growth.

Land Remediation
Tax Relief 

Land Remediation Tax Relief is a UK government tax incentive designed to benefit UK limited companies with the cleanup and redevelopment of contaminated or derelict land. It allows businesses to receive a cash injection or tax write-off on expenses related to contaminated sites, promoting environmental restoration and facilitating sustainable development.

Stamp Duty
Tax Relief 

Stamp Duty Tax Relief is a UK government tax incentive scheme provided to certain individuals or UK limited companies purchasing property. It offers a cash refund, reduction or exemption from the standard Stamp Duty charges, promoting specific activities such as first-time homebuying, property redevelopment, or transactions involving disadvantaged areas. 

HMRC Compliance
Check Support 

RDI Solutions offer a dedicated Enquiry Defence team specifically designed to assist companies that have prepared and submitted claims independently or through alternative providers. Our team assumes the responsibility of defending the claim, providing expert advice on optimal defence strategies, and engaging in negotiations with HMRC until a mutually agreeable resolution is achieved.

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We are RDI.
Trusted by many.

We serve over 3,000 businesses with our expert team of 130+ tax incentive specialists nationwide.

We’ve helped thousands of businesses to claim back over £200 million and take their business further.

£200 million

Claimed back for UK businesses

Our Process

Finding the perfect fit for accessing specialist tax advice requires a tailored approach.
At RDI Solutions, our team of tax experts work towards a tailored approach to align with your unique business needs.
Here, we take a look at the following stages that you can anticipate when working with RDI.

Two Tax Experts discussing business tax strategy and business tax relief

1. Initial consultation

To initiate your claim, your designated point of contact will commence the process and collaborate with you to identify the requisite information for crafting your claim.

Image of calculations on papework for RDI Solutions customers R&D Tax Credits Claims

2. Confirmation of eligible projects

By fusing technical tax expertise with sector knowledge, we delve deep into the realm of your qualifying activities. Our team of tax advisers and sector specialists collaborate closely with you, and your team, ensuring we extract comprehensive and detailed information essential for a successful tax claim. Utilising this gathered data, we construct a tailored methodology based on your records, ensuring a precise and accurate representation.

Image of magnifying glass with blue background

3. Confirmation of evidence

This part of the process involves validating and substantiating the evidence gathered to support your claim. It serves as a critical checkpoint to ensure that all the information provided is accurate, reliable, and compliant with the relevant HMRC guidelines and regulations.

Image of 3 female tax specialists sitting around table

4. Verification of Data & Compliance

Next our team will focus on ensuring the accuracy, completeness, and compliance of the data and documentation supporting your claim. We will examine the gathered data, cross-referencing it with HMRC guidelines, whilst scrutinising financial records, technical documentation, project details, and supporting materials for consistency and compliance. By conducting thorough verification and compliance checks, we mitigate the risk of potential challenges, audits, or penalties, ensuring that your claim withstands potential scrutiny from HMRC.

Image of multicoloured folders - purple, turquoise and green

5. Producing and submitting your report

Now the report has been produced we are ready to submit to HMRC. This includes a breakdown of your eligible activities, supported by robust evidence and documentation, providing transparency into the financial impact of your endeavours. Through open communication with your team, we ensure accuracy and incorporate your valuable input. Once finalised, RDI will guide you through the submission process, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness of your claim.

Two tax specialists smiling and discussing business tax options - RDI Solutions Expert R&D Tax Credits and Land Remediation Tax Advice

6. Receiving your payment from HMRC

Our dedicated team works to navigate the administrative processes involved in securing your payment from HMRC. We handle the necessary communications and paperwork, liaising with the authorities on your behalf. Depending on the financial position of the business, you will receive a reduction in your Corporation Tax bill, a cash-in-hand credit, or a combination of both. This financial boost serves as the fuel towards your next big idea and to propel your sustained business growth.

Green Geometric Image representing the colours of HMRC

Our relationship with HMRC

With extensive experience collaborating with HMRC, the RDI Solutions team actively contributes to the development of best practice guidelines.
On a daily basis, we encourage and handle routine tax relief claim matters, whilst cooperating with HMRC's compliance team to address any potential enquiries.
Our strong working relationship and comprehension of the challenging and ever-changing world of tax relief enable us to engage in meaningful discussions and to effectively resolve our client's claims and enquiries in the most professional and compliant manner.

What service do you require?

Discover which tax incentive service is best suited to your needs.

Stamp Duty
Tax Refunds

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